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What is Link Pyramid and How to Make one?

Build Free Link Pyramid

Link Pyramid is the most effective SEO for your website.

Building backlinks to increase your website’s pageRanking often have misconceptions from new SEO so-called experts. Typically, people flood their website they want to rank with Low grade backlinks (blog comments) in an attempt to increase their pageRank and SERP ranking.

The problem with this method is you are basically giving your website garbage backlinks. Why are these garbage backlinks? Often these websites that allows you to comment on their pages freely have a “nofollow” attributes to their comments outbound link. Or, the comment bar itself are flooded with Unrelated comment and backlinks to other websites, often hundreds of them which creates a HIGH OBL (Out Bound Link) page.

Websites with High OBL pages are often slapped by google. So the backlinks they give is useless.

How to increase my SEO using Link Pyramid?

Here are the following steps to make your own free DIY link pyramid.

Create 3 Stage for your link pyramid.

  1. Stage One are low quality BackLinks: these are from the niche article blogs, social bookmarks, and comments. You need hundreds of these Low quality backlinks.
  2. Stage Two are Mid-Quality BackLinks: these links comes from websites you set up to post reused and spun content from article based website.
  3. Stage Three are High Quality Backlinks: You can achieve this by creating websites that you consistently update with related and relevant posts to drive organic traffic to. These are external websites linking directly to your main site.
When you have High Quality backlinks coming from websites often updated, your main site gets higher Authority.

How do I get started building Link Pyramid?

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