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The new iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 release in September of 2012 did exactly as expected–it created massive amounts of buzz around the world. And why wouldn’t this be the case? The smart phone has the world’s most advanced features an iPhone can have. I no longer have to worry about not having enough space to type; the iPhone 5 has a larger 4-inch display, which also allows me to have an extra row of apps on my home screen!

The iPhone 5 has a sleek and beautiful look. It has an aluminum back, and the glass case you had with the iPhone 4 has been removed. This means no more worrying about fingerprints! Furthermore, the metal case gives the phone a look of significance even though it is still really light. I can’t wait to take it with me everywhere.

The iPhone 5 has the addition of a panoramic camera for shooting great photos, it has better low-light options and takes photos a lot faster than earlier iterations. I really don’t need these features, but it’ll be fun to post my panoramic photos on my Facebook timeline.

The most important thing, with LTE, the newest iPhone version will not let you down when it comes to speed. It is faster than computers made several years ago. This means faster downloading speeds. It also has eight hours of LTE browsing. This is nothing short of amazing!

At this rate, I can hook the iPhone 5 up to a larger screen and use it as my own personal laptop. I can do both work and play quite easily. I can’t wait to view my favorite apps on a larger screen. I love playing games and learning new things.

And if you are planning a long trip; the iPhone 5 has 225 hours of standby battery life!! Imagine that. That is what I call incredible and unparalleled.

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