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Best Web Hosting Options – Review

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You don’t need expensive Web hosting

Web Hosting prices are at an all-time low. Recently, the cost of web hosting has significantly dropped. There are now many web hosting options offered with similar features.

Web hosting deals are offered with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, and unlimited domain hosting. Most companies offer a 30-90 day money back guarantee. and are great examples offering this.

After a long research to find the best web hosting for this website, I collected a huge amount of information to make the best decision. So instead of just throwing it in the trash, I’ve decided to share it here in my blog so it saves you hundreds of hours of research to get to the bottom of it.

For this article. I’ve chosen four web hosting company that offers the best value for the buck.

Here’s the list of web hosting from cheapest monthly fees order. But do not be fooled by the price because it might not give you the service you actually need. Read the details to see which web hosting suits you. ($4.95 /month ) $3.96

The pricing and features of this web hosting is on par with the competitors. It includes shared SSL. But only comes with one domain hosting. If you are only going to host one website, then this is all you need. For $ 4.95 / month, there is a minimum subscription of 3 years. Also, the advance Web Hosting Plan starts $ 12.99 / month.

Use this discount coupon when you buy hosting at Hostgator for 25% off!: RBHOSTGATOR.

Also, if you are registering a domain name with this web hosting, you will pay an extra $15.00 on top (more than normal). But if you already have your own domain, then this is a good deal. ($5.95 /month ) $4.95

Hostmonster web hosting has a minimum subscription length of 12 months. The good thing about Hostmonster it gives you all the features offered by Hostgator‘s Advance plan that is priced at $12.99.

The best thing I think that really pulls me to HostMonster is it’s free domain privacy. Other web hosting usually sneak this up on you to pay….example Goddady. And the biggest PLUS is its ability to send unlimited e-mail which is great for internet marketers or web site owners with a lot of email subscribers.

Keep in mind that web hosting has a daily and hourly email send limit. ($6.95 /month) $4.95

If you need stable and reliable web hosting, Bluehost is above all other companies. Bluehost web hosting has been a very strong company for many years. Bluehost‘s basic package offers the same features as Hostmonster’s for just a penny more. However, Bluehost is a proven web host. It’s scores high with many review sites. So I would definitely check them out before deciding on other web hosting.

I signed up for Bluehost and I really appreciate the speed of their customer service response. They also have a live chat that instantly connects you to their technician that instantly troubleshoots your website.

This is critical when you’re managing your own websites. You could easily run in to troubles just from simple plugin installation updates.  It’s important to solve the problem right away as it happens. My experience with BlueHost has been great for three years now.

Best of all, Bluehost comes with a free domain registration. ($7.95 /month)

Here is a web hosting company that thinks outside the box when it comes to contributing to save the environment. The basic package costs more than the other web hosting, but you sign up for a cause. If you care about the environment, Thinkhost’s servers are designed to minimize pollution in the environment.

How so? If you do not already know. It takes massive energy to run a massive server farm. So Thinkhost uses solar and wind energy to power their server farms.Apart from environmental issues, Thinkhost offers plenty of additional great features for free other Web hosting company charge a fee for.

So what do i think? Which hosting should you choose? If you’re concerned about the price, go with If you need the stability and reliability with great tech support, sign-up with If you want to save the environment and do our next generation a favor, then go with

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