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2 Responses to Webhosting Daily & Hourly Email Send Limit

  1. [...] If you’re sending email newsletter to your massive subscribers, don’t get stuck by your email hosting limit. Here’s a great blog about it [...]

  2. Tony on October 4, 2010 at 12:30 am

    Great list of email host. I\\\’m pretty happy with my Verizon email host. However if people block me from their inbox, my email address can become unreliable.

    So for people out there who just want to send offers to non opt-in list, you should try no to use your own ISP as they can block you.

    Be best way is to register a cheap domain and install phplist or Dada mail and send emails through that. This way if your email domain becomes black listed, you can just re-register a new one.

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