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Best Youtube plugins

Having the ability to embed YouTube videos into your WordPress site has many benefits. First of all, the user is more likely to become involved in the website, and be persuaded to look further into the site once watching the video. Also (very importantly), video helps reduce the bounce rate on your site, keeping users longer.

The bounce rate and the time spent on your website are factors in determining search engine rankings – the longer the user is on your site the better. Here we will look at the top WordPress YouTube plugins and provide some details and insights.


TubePress is a full-fledged YouTube gallery plugin. It allows the user to create galleries of videos with an almost limitless number of options and customizations. It works with all browsers, including IE7. It prides itself on being highly scalable and allows for an unlimited number of pages and videos for the gallery. More advanced options include the ability to change the shortcode, control the date format, specify the cache directory, and many more.

Tubepress has amazing functionality but may be a bit too much for the general user simply looking to embed the odd video into their site. This WordPress YouTube plugin would be best suited to sites that are highly geared towards video.

tubepress video plugin

Tubepress video plugin

Smart YouTube PRO

This plugin allows the webmaster to easily embed YouTube videos into a WordPress site. One of the most notable features of this plugin is the fact that it supports iPhone and iPad devices, which is a massive plus due to the ever growing population these devices. Additionally, it provides a sidebar widget, the ability to autoplay videos, it supports all high definition video protocols, and even supports the videos of other major providers (e.g. Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook). Also, for the standards obsessed, it produces valid xHTML code. Smart YouTube PRO is immensely popular, and currently has over 1.2 million downloads.

Smart Youtube plugin

smart youtube plugin

WP YouTube
WP YouTube is a very easy to use WordPress YouTube plugin. Many alternatives require the webmaster to paste the YouTube embed code into the WordPress site, but WP YouTube only requires the ID of the video – and the plugin handles the rest. It is currently rated at 4/5 stars on and while it does not have a large amount of features, it gets the job done simply and effectively.

WP Youtube allows the user to specify width, height, borders, autoplay, and the ability to include related videos. This WordPress YouTube plugin is highly recommended for beginners and/or webmasters who prefer simplicity over robust plugins.

WP Youtube plugin

WP Youtube plugin


Overall, if you are looking for an extremely robust WordPress YouTube plugin and are focused on providing a video oriented website, opt for TubePress. Alternatively, if you simply wish to have the ability to embed YouTube videos into your site and/or posts, choose WP YouTube or Smart YouTube PRO, depending on your requirements.


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