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Backlink Checker: Majestic SEO Tool

Majestic SEO (a backlink checking site) aims to collect as much data about websites as possible and the company’s website offers tools providing many benefits to webmasters. It allows for users to explore numerous aspects of their websites (and also competitors’ websites), in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the website as a whole, how competitive it is, with detailed information on the website’s backlinks.

Reviewing the amount of backlinks and the speed that they are created is an imperative aspect to maintaining and improving your site’s ranking in search engines. Not only should you be monitoring the backlinks for your own website, but also those of competitors. On the notion of analysing competitor’s backlinks, it can actually be an essential tool and method for determining whether or not you wish to pursue a particular topic, niche, or keyword. If the keyword or niche contains too much competition, and the competition contains many strong backlinks from high authority domains, then it may be wiser to pursue an alternative niche or keyword.

Majestic SEO contains a set of tools that will assist webmasters and internet marketers analyse these backlinks, and one of their most prominent products is “Majestic SEO Site Explorer”. This tool is highly regarded internet wide and is highly recommended for competition and backlink analysis, and also boasts a large array of other functions.

Additional tools include:

-          Backlink History

-          Bulk Backlink Checker

-          Neighbourhood Checker

-          Clique Hunter

-          Standard and Advanced Reports

-          Comparator

Majestic SEO offers both premium (paid) subscription services, and also a free version. While the paid versions are much more useful in terms of offering more options and functionality, the free version is a good alternative, particularly for new web masters and internet marketers as it allows them to gain an insight into important information in regards to both their own websites and competitor’s websites.

Furthermore, the Site Explorer allows you to determine which of your backlinks are the most powerful, so that you can ensure that those back links stay live. It also provides information regarding the top pages of your website. This information is highly useful as once the top pages are identified, you can have a clearly defined view of where the highest concentration of your backlinks should go. This tool can also be used to determine which pages do not have as many backlinks as the more successful pages, and use this information to improve the quality of these pages in order to gain more backlinks to them.

Majestic Site Explorer

Another notable fact about Majestic SEO is the fact that the database is kept up to date. During the past month, 98 billion unique URLs have been crawled, and since the inception of Majestic SEO, 3.7 trillion unique URLs have been crawled. It is evident that the suite of tools contains massive amounts of data that can be used to both improve the quality of your websites, their presence in search engines, and the entire internet in general.

Ultimately, Majestic SEO is an essential tool that every webmaster should incorporate into their projects. Not only does it provide detailed and advanced reports for more advanced users, but is also useful for beginner internet marketers and webmasters due to the range of information it provides.


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2 Responses to Backlink Checker: Majestic SEO Tool

  1. Send Flowers Online on May 17, 2012 at 3:09 am

    where i check back links ?
    no download link and no tool available here

  2. admin on May 29, 2012 at 8:16 am

    You can check some for free at Majestic or Ahrefs. To get the full list, you would need to subscribe to one of those tools (I do not get a commission). They are both good, but seem to have different algorithms as they don’t give the same number of links.

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