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Forum plugins reviewed

The ability to add a forum plugin to a WordPress blog is definitely something that should be considered. Forums allow for your visitors to discuss various topics related to your site content and can increase the likelihood of having return visitors, as they will enjoy being part of an online community where they can talk about their interests.

Some forum plugins are:


BBpress WordPress forum plugin

This particular plugin is actually made by the creators of WordPress. It features an extremely customizable interface, and is consistent with the latest web standards. Additionally, it prides itself on being very fast, and has a small file size.

However, there are mixed opinions of this plugin due to the lack of developer updates and lack of information regarding the estimated delivery time of future updates. While this is an excellent plugin, do extensive research to determine if it is right for you, because if issues arise while using this plugin, it may be some time before this WordPress forum plugin gets updates to resolve any issues. That being said, if you are proficient in WordPress and PHP development, and are confident that you can resolve any issues that may arise, BBPress wordpress forum plugin could be a good choice.


Mingle WordPress forum plugin

The Mingle WordPress forum plugin contains a vast array of features. These include the following:

-          Create User Groups

-          Assign Moderators

-          User Signatures

-          Email Notifications

-          Sticky Topics

-          BB Code

-          Forum Search

-          Private Messages

-          SEO Optimized URLs

-          Quick Reply

-          …and many more!


Another notable feature of this plugin is the ability to install it in approximately 5 minutes! The general consensus is that it is very simple to install, has a ton of features, and looks very clean. It also provides additional functionality through the use of Mingle Plugins. These include an image gallery, donation button, friend request widget, and more. This wordpress forum plugin is highly recommended and will suit most users.

 Simple Press

Simple Press WordPress forum plugin

While Simple Press may not be quite as easy to use as other wordpress forum plugins, it makes up for this fact with a massive list of features that can accommodate almost any scenario. It also boasts several security measures including preventing user access to certain sections, and spam prevention. It is also very SEO friendly and supports the All In One SEO plugin. This coupled with its support for SEO friendly permalinks and canonical URLS, makes Simple Press a smart choice for those looking to best optimize their forums for search engines.


Overall, all of these wordpress forum plugins are highly useful and each of them has their own perks. It is difficult to recommend a single best plugin for all users, as the best plugin will depend on individual requirements and will differ from site to site. It is important that you decide on your requirements and goals, and then choose accordingly.


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