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How-to: Create Multiple Craigslist Accounts in the US

Want to market your website, product, services on Craigslist in the US? You need to create multiple Craigslist accounts. If you live in the US and have verifiable US phone numbers and US IP, you can do this easily.
The web has change to more global business operation and now people form around the world can take advantage of generating business from hungry US buyers.
Here’s a step by step of how to Create Multiple Craigslist Accounts in the US.
  1. Sign-up for Virtual Phone Number ( this company gives free phone number in the state of Ohio, US. You can then buy phone numbers anywhere around the world for $2.
  2. Or use ( ) and get phone numbers in the US for $1.
  3. Download Firefox and install it.
  4. Install FoxyProxy addon on Firefox
  5. Enable FoxyProxy. Select on the menu: ( Tools > FoxyProxy Standard > More > Options) or simply right click the Tiny Icon in the bottom status bar.

This should open up a new window for you to add new proxy.

  1. Go to and search for Free Proxy. Pick the ones with SLL security so you can be sure to be safe and that has 100% up time. Copy the proxy.
  2. Go over to the FoxyProxy window and click Add Proxy
  3. Paste the Free Proxy.create multiple craigslist accounts
  4. Right click the Tiny icon in the bottom status bar and enable the Free Proxy.


Now you are ready to create multiple Craigslist accounts.

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2 Responses to How-to: Create Multiple Craigslist Accounts in the US

  1. raheenrashid on May 30, 2012 at 12:16 am

    dear admin,
    i am computer science graduate right now i wanna work as a freelancer
    i wanna be good craigslist ad posting in all sector. but i don’t have my own pva, and good ip solution . so what thing should be

    i read through your articles and understood every things .

  2. admin on June 2, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Raheen, what do you mean by PVA?

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